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Siddha-siddhantapaddhati of Goraksanatha

Siddha-siddhantapaddhati of Goraksanatha

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Title: Siddha-siddhantapaddhati of Goraksanatha

Aurthor: Dr. Gharote. M.L, Dr. G.K. Pai.

Details: the book explain the different layers of the phenomenal creation and the yogic understanding of the human body. It narrates interrelation of microcosm and macrocosm the substrtum of the body and the method of union of microcosm and macroocosm. it further outlines the charachteristics of an avadhutayogi. Special feature of this book lies with its emphatic statement regarding the futility of all the yogic techniquies if undertaken in a machanicle manner

Others: a publication of the lonavala Yoga Institute (India) , 2003, 102p. + 6fig.

ISBN: 81-901617-1-7


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