Prof. Lic. Maria Vivian Lagier

Prof. Lic. Maria Vivian Lagier

Presente Director of Centre de Recherche et Formation en Yoga – Genève – Switzerland

Certificate of Continuing Education of Yoga therapy to health professionals in Geneva, Fribourg, Vevey and Sion in Switzerland.

Since 2008 Certificate of Continuing Education on Yoga in Schools and now also at the High School of Pedagogy of Valais, Switzerland.

Conducting training and diploma’s with The Lonavla Yoga Institute (India)

Created also the Tecnicatura en Yoga y Estudios Orientales at the provincia of Misiones in 2002 in collaboration with The Lonavla Yoga Institue and Alicia Souto.

Conducted and organised several seminars of Dr. Manmath Gharote in Switzerland based on ancient and traditional literature of yoga.